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Ñāṇadīpa Thera

Venerable Ñāṇadīpa Thera Thera was born in France in 1944, but grew up in Denmark. He was ordained as a samanera in 1969 and as a bhikkhu in 1971. After living eight years in Bundala, in the kuti of Ven. Ñāṇavīr Thera, he moved to Thailand for a year and then back to Sri Lanka, where he spent most of his life secluded in the National Parks or near their borders. He was living a whole fifty monastic years as a hermit. He passed away in September 2020 in a forest hermitage in Sri Lanka. He was regarded as the most learned man in the verses of the Canon (gatha) and he also translated the 4th and the 5th chapter of Sutta-nipata, published under the title The Silent Sages of Old.

Books of this author

The Silent Sages of Old