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Ñāṇavīra Thera

Ñāṇavīra Thera, born Harold Edward Musson (January 5 1920 – July 5 1965), was an English Theravāda Buddhist monk, ordained in 1950 in Sri Lanka. He is known as the author of Notes on Dhamma, which were later published by Path Press... Read more

Sāmanera Bodhesako

Sāmanera Bodhesako (Robert Smith, known also as Ven. Vinayadhara and Ven. Ñāṇasuci in his early monastic life) was an American Buddhist monk. Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1939, he studied at the University of Iowa, specializing in Literature... Read more

Sister Vajirā

Sister Vajirā (Hannelore Wolf) was a dasa sil mata, a Buddhist ten precept-holder nun in Sri Lanka, recognized as a sotapanna.Lay LifeHannelore was looking for religious meanings and in early summer 1949 she came across the teachings of the Buddha.... Read more

Ñāṇamoli Thera

Ñāṇamoli Bhikkhu, born Osbert Moore, (1905 – March 8, 1960) was a pioneer British bhikkhu and Pali scholar, educated at Exeter College, Oxford. He discovered Buddhism via Julius Evola's The Doctrine of Awakening (translated by... Read more

Bhikkhu Hiriko

The biographer, Ven. Hiriko Ñāṇasuci (Primoz Korelc), is a Buddhist monk ordained in Thai Forest tradition in England. For the last six years he has been helping with collecting the remaining documents of Ven. Ñāṇavīra Thera and... Read more

Bhikkhu Ninoslav Ñāṇamoli

Ven. Ñāṇamoli (Ninoslav Molnar), was born in Serbia in 1983 and at the age of twenty-two was ordained in the lineage of Ven. Ajahn Chah of the Thai forest-tradition in England. Currently he is living in Sri Lanka. Read more