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Publications of Path Press has been made possible through the contributions of various individuals who, having themselves benefited from these writings, now have a personal desire to share them with a wider audience than has previously been possible. And presently there is an aim that in 2010 we print also Seeking the Path (Early Writings of Ven. Ñāṇavīra Thera (1954-1960) and a revised edition of Clearing the Path, Writings of Ven. Ñāṇavīra Thera (1960-1965), but cannot be done without your support.
These writings are probably not commercially viable; nor do they represent the views of any established sect, school or university which might sponsor their publication. The idea has been put forward that inasmuch as Path Press Publications has already published two books of this type (Notes on Dhamma and The Letters of Sister Vajirā) it could use that experience as a basis for issuing those occasional writings which are of exceptional merit and yet do not attract established publishers.
If this is to be done, it will require financial support: publishing is expensive, and we intend to price our books low enough to be affordable to all who are genuinely interested. Therefore the facilities of Path Press Publications can be utilized to issue these additional writings only with the help of those who agree with us that this is a worthwhile endeavour, and who are willing to support it with their contributions. If you would like to support Path Press Publications financially you can use the PayPal-facillities at this page (Donate-button).
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