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The Monk's Diary – Latest entry Friday 02 March 2018

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The Publisher's Diary – Latest entry Friday 22 January 2010

This afternoon finished copies of The Letters to Sister Vajira arrived at PPP-HeadQ. Several boxes filled with 55 books each. It looks great! Printer and binder did a very nice job! Thanks to all who were involved. Tomorrow we will start...

The Monk's Diary

Thursday 15 December 2011

NEW: 'Nanavira Hamuduru' - Short Documentary about his life and work

British Buddhist monk, Ven. Ñanavira Thera ordained in Ceylon shortly after WWII and lived as a hermit on the outskirts of a remote village, Bundala, until his suicide in 1965. His complex and innovative writings remain largely unknown – in part because of his suicide, but also due to the challenging and unorthodox nature of his work. The film explores Ven. Ñanavira’s biography, writings, and the questions around monastic suicide.

Here is available only the low quality of the original. Also we cut out 30sec. long clip from Maugham’s radio play “The Question of Retreat” due to copyright restrictions.

Part One

Part Two



Ven. Nanavira – the scholar monk, the suicide and the film
by Nan, The Island, July 23, 2011

Suicide by the terminally ill
by Nan, The Island, July 30, 2011

Ven. Ñāṇavīra: The Film
By Bhikkhu Yogananda, Nidahas, August 3, 2011