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The Monk's Diary

Sunday 05 July 2015

Sponsor a new monument in memory of Ven. Ñānavīra

Dear Friends,


On this day, exactly 50 years since Venerable Ñāṇavīra Thera passed away, we are glad to announce that we have taken on the responsibility of erecting a new monument in memory of Venerable Ñāṇavīra, and also of organizing a Memorial Day at the Bundala kuti in Sri Lanka. This idea has been in our minds for some time, but it is only now that the inspiration has support from some western Mahātheras, that we have taken this matter more seriously.


Inside the monument we will enshrine remains of Venerable Ñāṇavīra, and also the remains of one of his disciples, Venerable Ñāṇasumana. At present, those remains are safe in an unmarked grave but since it is a big anniversary, it seems like the right time to prepare something more suitable to commemorate Venerable Ñāṇavīra’s life.


The date of the Memorial Day has still to be confirmed, but we hope it will be sometime in early March 2016. For the occasion, we are going to invite some Mahātheras and other monks from Sri Lanka and abroad. We also hope that other lay friends who perhaps knew Venerable Ñāṇavīra, his relatives, and those who have respect for his teachings will join us.


The monument will not be higher than 180 cm (6 feet) and we would like to use granite. Granite is durable, attractive, sturdy, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is also a strong and heavy enough material for an area which gets the occasional visit of elephants.


The design is not fixed – everything depends on how much is donated for the monument. Here is a computerized image of a “draft plan”. It might have two parts: a short “obelisk” with a stupa on the top.


If there is enough money left, we also have an idea to put a memorial plaque on the wall of the kuti where we can include the names of some notable residents of the kuti: Vens. Ñāṇavira, Ñāṇasumana and Ñāṇadipa.


If you would like to help this monument come to fruition, you can make a donation to Path Press; you can either:


1. Use these numbers when you go to your bank:

Name: Path Press Publications
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL14 INGB 0004 3210 21
Swift code (BIC): INGBNL2A
People can specify their donation by writing “Bundala” in the description field




2. Use the PayPal-facilities (donate-button) on the PPP-homepage.

Under “Note to seller” please write “Bundala”


Anumodana and with best wishes,


Path Press Committee